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Brilliant Bio Pharma Private Limited (BBPL) is a member company of US$ 226 million TGV conglomerate, headed by Sri T G Venkatesh...



The manufacturing facility for biological vaccines is located in Hyderabad,India, which is centrally located and has an international airport... We check random pages mo...



Brilliant Bio Pharma Private Limited (BBPL) has its presence in Veterinary Biologicals and Animal Health Products (AHPs) markets across the length and breadth of India...



Brilliant Bio Pharma Private Limited engages in the provision of a wide range of products combining Veterinary Vaccines/Biological and Animal Health Products. Our recent and prestigious addition to the vaccines range is FUTVAC (Foot-and-Mouth Disease Vaccine). Incidentally, FUTVAC is the only brand of FMD vaccine which is tested and certified by the nodal body Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI).

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