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Vitamin B-Complex with Liver Extract Inj-100 ml:   

Vitamin B-Complex with Liver Extract Injection, (Trade Name)-Bcliv Injection 100 ml

Each ml contains:

Thiamine hydrochloride (Vit.B1) I.P. 25.00 mg
Riboflavin Phosphate (Vit.B2) I.P. 1.50  mg (Sodium Salts)
Pyridoxine HCL (Vit.B6) I.P. 5.00  mg
Niacinamide (Vit.B3) I.P. 50.00  mg
Cyanocobalamin (Vit.B12) I.P. 50.00  mcg
Choline Chloride 25.00  mg

Liver Injection crude having B12 activity

Equivalent to not less than 2 mcg of Cyanocobalamin
Phenol (as preservative) I.P. 0.5% w/v
Adequate overages of Vitamins are added.

For disorders associated with liver fluke infestation, fatty degeneration of liver, in the treatment of anorexia and other B-Complex Vitamin deficiency conditions.

As a supportive treatment during antibiotic/anthelmintic treatment, during pregnancy, Lactation.

BCLIV should be administered by deep intramuscular route.

Cattle, Buffaloes and Horses:
10ml. daily for 3 or more days.

Calves, Sheep, Goats and Pigs:
5 ml. daily for 3 or more days

Dogs and Cats:
2 ml. to 5 ml. daily for 3 or more days.

BCLIV injection is available in multi dose vials of 30 ml.

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