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Calcium Borogluconate Injection

Each ml contains:
Calcium Gluconate BP 20.75% w/v (equivalent to Calcium 1.86% w/v)
Proportion of Boric acid to Calcium in the injection is 2.26 to 1.0,
Chlorocresol BP 0.1%w/v (as preventive)

Calciumborogluconate is recommended for the treatment of acute and chronic hypocalcaemia in cows, buffaloes, ewes, does and sows. It is extensively used in clinical and subclinical cases of milk fever in cows, buffaloes and other species of domestic animals. It is also recommended for the prevention and treatment of drug induced liver damage.

Dosage and Administration:
• for intravenous use only
• Cows and Buffaloes : 200 ml to 300 ml
• Ewes, Does and Sows : 30 ml to 50 ml

Presentation: 450 ml

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