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Rabies Veterinary Vaccine, Inactivated (Cell Culture):   

Rabivac Vet 1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml


Rabivac Vet contains tissue culture adapted rabies virus (strain PV 11) propagated on BHK-21 cells. The virus is inactivated with bromoethylenimine (BEI), a proven Aziridine compound, and adjuvanted with Aluminium Hydroxide Gel. Each dose of 1 ml of Rabivac Vet provides ‰¥2.5 IU potency meeting the WHO standards.


Rabivac Vet is recommended for immunization of dogs and other domestic animals against rabies infection, both for Prophylactic and Post-bite therapy.


– The vaccine vial should be thoroughly shaken before withdrawal of contents.

– Sterile syringe & needle should be used.

– Hygienic and sterile precautions should be followed while administration of vaccine.

ROUTE : Subcutaneous / Intramuscular


1 ml to Dogs, Cattle and other species of animals.

Primary Vaccination : Above 3 months of age.

If given below 3 months of age, booster dose should be at 3 months of age with a gap of 21 days.

As per WHO, annual vaccination is recommended in endemic areas.

Post-bite therapy:

The following schedule of vaccination is suggested for Post-bite therapy.


1st dose  0 day i.e., the day of 1st injection

2nd dose  3rd day

3rd dose  7th day

4th dose  14th day

5th dose  28th day

6th dose  90th day (booster dose – Optional)

Post vaccination reactions/Side effects:

Generally no adverse reactions are noticed. Occasionally a palpable swelling may occur at the site of injection that is transient in nature.

Storage and transport:

  1. a) The vaccine should be stored and transported between 2 and 8 °C.
  2. b) At no stage should the vaccine be permitted to freeze.


1 ml : Single dose vial

5 ml & 10 ml  :  Multi-dose vial

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