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Cypermethrin – High Cis 10%-50 ml:   

Cypermethrin - High Cis 10%, (Trade Name):TICKCIDE 50 ml

Cypermethrin High Cis 10% w/v is a liquid & Emulsifiable Concetrate (Vet)

Each ml contains : Cypermethrin High Cis 10% w/v.

Tickcide is broad spectrum ectoparasiticide used for the control of flies blowfly larvae, biting lice, ticks head flies of sheep and mites, scabies and mange mites in cattle, sheep, goat, horse, camel, poultry, dog and farm premises.

TICKCIDE should be used as a spray, mop or dip treatment, or as advised by the veterinarian.

Recommending dosage: Dilution rate and usage.

Usage: Dilution of Tickcide in 1 litre of water.


Tickcide Use for
Cattle, Camels 1ml/ 1 Lit water Whole body spray, dip, initial charge and replenishment
Cattle 5ml/ 1 Lit water Backline spray 0.5 lit/ animal
Sheep & Goats 1ml/ 1 Lit water Dip initial charge and replenishment
Dogs 1ml/ 1 Lit water Whole body spray / wash
Poultry 1ml/ 1 Lit water 60 litres of spray mixture per 1000 birds
Animal Hsg. 20ml/ 1 Lit water 5 litres of emulsion per 100 sq. m. surface.

Bottle of 15 ml, 50 ml, 250 ml and 1 Ltr.

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